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My collection of resources are below published by Heritage Music Press! Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Use the buttons below to order any of the resources seen above at West Music.

Awesome Books with Musical Hooks uses a lot of children’s literature obviously! West Music has created great sets of the books used in both resources! Click on the button below to bring you to these awesome sets to purchase easily in one spot!

This is a recording of my lesson with the song Allegretto, composed by: Karl Jenkins. In the video you won’t hear the audio of the song, however, you will see how the movements play out for the lesson. This lesson is found in Magical Movement and Music, Oh my!

Book and Bar Basics Lesson in ONE!

This amazing book by Scott M. Fischer was made for the music classroom! Check out my lesson for it below to use with your primary kiddos!

Activate Magazine:

Another great resource that I’m a regular contributor to is the magazine Activate! Many teachers from around the US contribute their ideas and lessons to the book and for a yearly subscription you get 5 awesome issues chocked full of ideas, music for performing groups (all kinds), great articles and many different eclectic styles of teaching! For fresh new ideas for your classroom all year long, definitely look into this resource!

Click on the picture to get more details!

Music Poetry Downloads

Poetry was one of the things that inspired many of my lessons! I love using poetry created for children to teach musical elements! I encourage you to pick up an anthology and see what you find from your local library! I got so inspired that I wanted to create poems that taught facts about the musical elements directly so below you will find these goodies! I hope you get great use out of them in your classroom and they help you be flexible and fabulous in your music classroom!

Genre Gab

The next set of downloads go along with my genre gab unit that I do with my intermediate kids. I have included the PDF of the genre poems and then the rhythm of the poem so that you know how the poem should sound as you say it.

Positive Tags/Stickers

My aunt, Artie Almeida used papers with paper clips to give to children that were doing an amazing job in her classroom so they could wear it proudly! My kiddos now-a-days fiddle with the paper clip and the paper falls off or the paper clip gets bent beyond belief. So instead, I’ve created some positive stickers using the very popular Avery return address label template. This template has 30 labels per sheet and if you use Avery 5979 they come in fluorescent colors! Your kiddos will be beaming with these special stickers to show off! They are in a word document format so if you don’t have the font I used, you may need to adjust! 🙂

Big thanks to Sabrina from Detroit Orff for giving me the idea of the body percussion sticker! 🙂
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